About Us

Proper Inspiration

Based in the centre of the Chilterns, Proper exists to make your home happier and your life healthier. With decades of experience in retail, we're experts in finding what you need and getting it to you.

Our location - right next to the Buckinghamshire countryside and Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty - provides the perfect environment to reinvent your home office.

From functional improvements to your display setup, to the health aids of anti fatigue mats and ergonomic desks, we keep you healthy so you can continue to enjoy your environment.

Not only are our environment and products some of the best in the UK, but our offices and warehousing ensure efficiency is the priority, both in their operations and environmental impact, implementing a rigorous recycling policy and bringing energy consumption down by 25%.

Even our packaging has been revamped from non-recyclable printed cardboard to a plain brown recyclable box with a paper label and minimal plastics.  

Modern consumers totally understand the requirements to think about our footprint on the world, and so do we.

Our family-led team strive for excellence in every aspect of the business, and are based around the world to ensure that wherever the inspiration is, it'll make its way in to your home with ProperAV.